Speyside! - V

Speyside! Speyside!


Come with me, let me take you on another adventure. This time we are heading east to the village of Speyside. We, the locals, would say “we goin’ country”. Speyside is another of our beautiful villages, the view from the top of the hill is one of the best on the island. It is known for many things: the Lookout, Jemma’s Tree House Restaurant, and the Water Wheel, are just a few.

If you love the ocean, then Speyside is definitely one of the villages in Tobago, you should visit. It is a diver’s paradise, attracting divers worldwide; below the aquamarine waters lie one of the biggest Brain Coral in the Western Hemisphere, and one of Tobago’s coral reefs. Little Tobago is close by, also known as the Bird of Paradise Island where these exotic birds were once domiciled during the early twentieth century. Now, Bird of Paradise Island is the sanctuary for different species of birds, and a welcome site for ornithologists.

The villagers are friendly and helpful and are always ready to assist, whether it is to take you on a boat trip to the island, view the reefs, or just make you comfortable. Rest assured, you’ll feel right at home once you are there. If you just want to stay and relax, and soak up all the sun, sand and sea, staying at Blue Waters Inn is a perfect solution. https://bluewatersinn.com/ .

Tobago is full of hidden treasures, and the village of Speyside indeed doesn’t disappoint. There are two lovely secluded beaches in the village; to visit these beaches you may have to ask the villagers for some assistance, but it is worth it.


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