Tobago Carnival

Tobago Carnival

Finally! After two years of hiding behind masks of all shapes, colour and patterns, we are free to unmask and reveal our true selves in expressing our culture and heritage once again, and we are more that elated to do so. It is no secret that Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is the greatest show on earth, and having to restrain ourselves for that period in time would have taken a toll on all lovers of this fantastic festival, both at home and from abroad. If there is a time when folks from abroad feel the itch to come home you may be sure that the season of Carnival comes at the top of the list. Trinidad and Tobago Carnival has many components to it, that all intertwine to make the festival spectacular.

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Tobago is having their very own Carnival in October from 27th to the 29th 2022 themed: Ritual Revelry Release. October month promises to be eventful, dynamic and memorable. There is something for everyone: Pan, Boat Rides, Fete/parties, J’ouvert, Mud Mas and Pretty Mas. And from the Carnival launch that was held on the 10th of September, Tobago Carnival is off to a magnificent start.

Tobago culture is embedded with many of our rituals and traditions; our heritage, our love, our dance and our uniqueness as an island are ready to be showcased. You’ll often hear locals refer to the parade of Masquerade bands as ‘pretty mas,’ because of the beautiful, breath-taking display of the various masquerade costumes on the streets. Mud mas however, is one of the carnival bands that is unique to Tobago and is still celebrated in Tobago. As the name implies ‘mud mas’ is a mud band. The mud is well purified and prepped so no need to worry about contaminants. Some even declare it’s good for your skin. The mud band is one of the biggest bands in Tobago.

Tobago may be small but our islanders are very gifted. Let’s not forget our very own talented Tobago soca/calypso artists: Lord Nelson, Calypso Rose, the Mighty Shadow, Princess Adanna, Tam Tam and Shurwayne Winchester, just to name a few that have given us hits after hits and have even given us Calypso and Road March Titles. Tobago, without a doubt, has produced mega stars. So come October Tobago will be lit: you just have to be fit!

The road is ready! Are you ready?


See you there!

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In the words of our beloved Shurwayne Winchester:
“This is paradise, where the vibes so nice….
Welcome to paradise, where you’ll feel so nice in TOBAGO….

Party sweet on the road, from yuh reach yuh go know….
Nothing sweeter than a Tobagonian.”


Pictures taken courtesy: Island Vision Creative

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