Rediscovering the beauty of Tobago -VII

Rediscovering the beauty of Tobago


Hello again.  I am excited to continue with you the tour of our beautiful island, Tobago, one of the jewels of the Caribbean. As you may know, Tobago has changed hands many times; it seems we were really in demand in those days of yore. This little island has changed hands 33 times, the most of any of the Caribbean Islands. ‘Tobago sweet fuh suh; everybody did wah we.’

The many Forts found at strategic points around Tobago reflect the struggle for ownership. Visiting the Forts is a rewarding outdoor activity you can do with your friends and family members. What better way to learn the history of the island without having to delve deeply into a textbook?

Fort Granby is a lesser-known fort, located at Studley Park, along the Windward Road. Fort Granby has two beaches, one on either side of the fort. There is an interesting old tombstone at the fort. The inscription on it reads “Beneath this stone lies interr’d the body of Mr, James Clark who departed this life the 6th July,1772. Aged 30 years.” I am sure there is a story there waiting to be told.

A little pathway leads to rocks where you can fish, or just relax and absorb the picturesque view. Who knows, you may be able to observe a ship or two gliding along into the horizon.  So calm, so peaceful, just the place to go to unwind, let go of stress, recuperate from the daily grind, on an evening, or, if you prefer, on the weekend. Go alone, take a friend, bring the family; the choice is yours. Whether you are a visitor, or native, this is a golden opportunity for you.


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