Let’s go to Little Tobago!

Let’s go to Little Tobago!


Finally, the wait is over! Access to Little Tobago has been granted once again. A temporary jetty was erected to allow access to the island.

Little Tobago is a small island located on the north-eastern side of Tobago just off Speyside and should not be confused with Goat Island which lies just before it. The island is also referred to as Bird of Paradise Island. The island obtained that name because of the birds of that name which were brought to the island by a former owner, Sir Williams Ingram, a British politician and businessman, from the island of New Guinea.  Unfortunately, these beautiful exotic birds have become extinct, but the name has remained.

The island is only accessible by boat. The boat ride takes approximately twenty minutes from the mainland or from Blue Water Inn’s jetty which allows for safe boarding. The trip across can be very exciting, if you are on a glass bottom boat. The boat passes over the famous brain coral, described as the largest in this hemisphere, and reputed to be the second largest in the world.  You may be also fortunate to see dolphins at play, as well as another of Tobago’s less popular, but just as beautiful reef. Upon arrival you are greeted with clear aqua blue waters.

Little Tobago is known to be the home and breeding ground for many sea birds. One could say it’s a sea bird haven. I was fortunate to see many seabirds, among them the red-billed tropicbird. The island is also known to be the habitat for reptiles such as green iguanas and Rainbow whiptails. The island’s many trails would take time to explore. It will definitely take you more than one day to cover the whole island but the main trail is easy to traverse. The footpath is clear and well maintained with trees over hanging the pathway, creating a cool and scenic atmosphere.  Birdsong drifts from the trees along the footpath, providing music, and lizards scurrying through the grass add to the diverse island sounds. Many rare and unusual plants intermingling perfectly within the greenery all add to the aesthetic. The island screams tranquility.

To my adventure seeking and bird lovers, Little Tobago is a conquest that awaits you.




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