In Tobago we take pride in our Waterfalls

Jump, Dive, Swim, Waterfall!

Tobago is very beautiful. It is undeniably one of the gems of the Caribbean. With the Main Ridge being the oldest protected rain forest in the Caribbean, the water sources were greatly preserved on the island. There are many springs, rivers and waterfalls where you visit and collect water from.

One of the well-known waterfalls in Tobago is found in the quiet village of Parlatuvier. There are many reasons why this waterfall is so appealing, one of which is that it is easily accessible. It is situated less than ten minutes away from the main road, and the footpath is easy to traverse, as long as you don’t mind getting your feet wet. But that is inevitable, because wherever there is a waterfall there will be a river that has to be crossed, and sometimes doubly so. One of the attractions of this waterfall is the size of the pools. Yes, there are two pools where visitors can bathe, one at ground level, and another which is reached after clambering up a slight incline. Both are safe for children, which is another plus. Adults can swim with their kids in the pool, or they can sit on the rocks and watch their children swimming and splashing around in the cool refreshing water, with the confidence that they are safe.

This waterfall is also a great place for a picnic. The surroundings are clean, green and serene, with enough overhanging trees to maintain a cool atmosphere, and yet let in the bright sunlight above. It is a place where you can free yourselves of all the cares of the world for a little while, as you enjoy nature’s best gifts: brilliant sunshine, pure air, and clean water. This is an invitation to my readers both local and foreign, to be sure to visit this delightful spot on this wonderful island.

Tobago is still very much untouched, undiscovered and unspoilt, and awaits your discovery.

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