Charlotteville, a Must See.

Charlotteville, a Must See.


Charlotteville is a beautiful village in Tobago, which is rich in history. It is located on the north-eastern end of Tobago. Charlotteville is a fishing village, and it is the perfect destination for the travellers seeking a picturesque location with various great beaches that are largely untouched. Neatly tucked away on the golden sands of Man-o-war Bay, this village has a special mystique which seems to entrance visitors and lures them to stay. It is the village “where visitors come for one night and end up staying for months,” this as a result of its beauty and the friendliness of the villagers.

Charlotteville isn’t short on history.  One of the stories coming out of the village is the story of Ma Rose. Ma Rose Point is a headland at Bush Point on the old sugar estate. It was named after an old Ibo slave named Ma Rose because of her kindness to fellow slaves. She often protested when other female slaves were badly treated by the slave masters and she led several slave uprisings on the estate. The story goes that after being cruelly beaten along with other female slaves she attacked and killed the slave driver with her bare hands. The next day she was taken to Bush Point and tied to a mango tree. When the whipping guards approached, she broke free, raced to the cliff edge and plunged into the waters below. The legend holds that her spirit still roams the waters below where passing fishermen used to offer her drinks of rum to calm the waters when she is angry and the water is turbulent.

The drive to the village may seem a bit long, but scenic, and well worth it on arrival at your destination. The view at Flag Staff Hill and at Fort Campbleton are breath-taking. The sunset, glittering on the aqua blue waters below is indescribable. And if you are a beach lover, Charlotteville does not disappoint with its beaches. Pirate’s Bay is a ‘must go!’ with a golden shoreline caressed by clear waters and lovely green trees hovering in the background. Lover’s Bay is another one of Charlotteville’s gems. It is a small bay, but it is unique, well known for its glamorous pink sand.

This village is well known for its hospitality, where visitors from all over the world frequent, and where many take up residence. You cannot say you have been to Tobago if you did not visit Charlotteville.




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