Let's Rocks! - VIII

Let's Rock!


Hi guys, have you ever been to Black Rock? Did you know how Black Rock got its name? The large black rocks surrounding the beach account for this. Black Rock is situated on the south western side of the island of Tobago, along the Mt Irvine Road, just after the beach of the same name.

Black Rock beach is well known for the popular nesting place of Turtles in Tobago. The beach where all this happens is called Turtle Beach. If you are ever in Tobago in nesting season, which occurs mainly during the months of March to September, this is an exciting activity to participate in. You may have to stay up late and be very quiet, but witnessing this wonder of nature is worth the time and effort.

Have you ever ‘pulled seine’ or witnessed the fishermen ‘pulling seine’?  No? Then Black Rock is the village that re-enacts this beloved tradition for Tobago Heritage Festival or, if you go at the right time, you can see it for yourself, or even participate in the action yourself. I know some folks may not know what Tobago Heritage Festival is and I have mentioned it before in a previous blog, so let me reiterate:

Tobago Heritage Festival is a festival held annually in July for two weeks. The festival showcases the different traditions, cultures and history of Tobago. Different villages across the island bring ‘the ole time days’ back to life, by portraying skits, various African dances, and queen shows. Click the link for more information about Tobago Heritage Festival: https://www.tobagoheritagefestival.com/

Black Rock is also the home to Fort Bennett, a lovely fort that overlooks the Caribbean Sea. There is a small channel between two rocks at the fort, where you’ll find locals bathing and using the rocks as a jumping off board. So, if you are seeking a delightful destination for a Sunday evening drive and a scenic spot for enjoying ice cream with the family, this fort is the choice to make. Or maybe you prefer sinking your toes in the beautiful black sand at Stone Haven Beach right next door the fort, where you can immerse into the soothing waters and enjoy a therapeutic experience. Whatever your choice, it is sure to be memorable.


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