Welcome to Plymouth! - IV

Welcome to Plymouth!


Let’s take a journey to the village of Plymouth. Plymouth, located on the south western side of the island of Tobago, was the first town on the island. It is also the village where the famous Calypsonian Lord Nelson who sang the hits “All ah we is one Family” and “Mih Lover” hails from. You are sure to hear Lord Nelson’s hits being played during J’ouvert which is one the events hosted by Tobago Heritage Festival.

Plymouth is known for many things, one of which is the Mystery Tombstone. The Mystery Tombstone was erected in memory of one, Betty Stiven, and has an inscription that has baffled many people over the years, and elicited varied interpretations.


Another site to visit in this popular village is the fort. Tobago changed hands many times because of the different attempts to hold it captive by colonial powers. As a result, there are many forts located on the island which reflect the influence of powerful European countries. One of these forts is in Plymouth and is named Fort James after the Courlander, Duke James. The fort has a very picturesque view overlooking the sea, of course, since its main purpose was to defend the island from attack. Ironically, the scenery is calming and peaceful to gaze upon and just the place to take pictures showcasing the evening at sunset.


To crown it all there is the Courlanders' monument, situated in a park where you can sit quietly and read or have lunch while you enjoy the surroundings.


There is also a tuck away beach, where you can go and just enjoy the crashing of the waves and feel the sand trickle between your toes. In Plymouth, no one is left out. The Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve is always an option for the nature enthusiast.

And if you looking for accommodations to stay in this village and environs here are some listings below.


Let me also leave you with a gem, from Kleon, one of the artist from the village.


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