Bloody Bay: The Perfect Place for a Rendezvous

Bloody Bay: The Perfect Place for a Rendezvous


Let’s take a journey to the quiet and peaceful village of Bloody Bay. Bloody Bay is located on the North-eastern side of Tobago just beyond Parlatuvier. One of the legends has it that the village got its name from a fierce battle between English soldiers and African slaves in 1771, that left the sea crimson. The village isn’t highly populated but the villagers are very friendly and family oriented.

The main access to the Rain Forest, which is one of Tobago’s wonders, is in the village of Bloody Bay. As mentioned in a blog before, the rain forest has many trails that provide various forms of recreation which would appeal to different tastes. So, for those who are so disposed, there are trails for the avid hunter, the dedicated bird watcher, or, if you prefer the excitement of mountain biking. And then there are those who simply want to go hiking. It also has non-strenuous trails for those who just want to take a cool walk through the rain forest.

Tobago’s annual Blue Food Festival is held at Bloody Bay. I know you may be wondering what is Blue Food Festival? Don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging. Blue Food is a festival that showcases the unique, creative and innovative way locals put a twist on root vegetables aka ground provision. The staple root vegetable used is dasheen, which often turns blue when cooked, hence the name given to the festival. It is also famous for showcasing what locals call wild meat. Wild meat are meats that you don’t usually eat every day. Wild meat can only be hunted during a specific time of the year. These meats include the agouti, iguana and tattoo among other kinds of animals that are found mainly in the wild or forest. Visitors and locals from all over Tobago flock to Bloody Bay to enjoy many scrumptious delights, and to see what new creations these local entrepreneurs come up with to tease the palate. For Tobagonians it is more like what can’t be done with ground provision, specifically dasheen. I recommend having the dasheen ice-cream and wine.

The village also has the last easily accessible beach on the north eastern side of the island. The bay is one of the shallowest beaches on that side of the island. The bay also has a lot of pebbles that can be great for an aquarium at home if you have one, or generally to enhance your home décor, for those enthusiasts who delight in using natural décor. The water is turquoise and calming. It is excellent for a family retreat. So, take a drive through the country side and submerge yourself in nature’s delight.

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